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The Clanstech Story

We are providing online presence. One-stop for all .NET Solutions.


About The Company

Company History

"Clan" means a large family or group of people who share the same interest and "Tech" defines technology and that's what makes Clanstech. Clanstech was founded in the year 2018.Clanstech is a service and product-based company.  We primarily work in dot net technologies.

Our way of functioning

At Clanstech we believe in working smartly rather than running hard all the time because we have lots to do in less time.

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Why Choose Us

A satisfied customer is best for business

  • Highly focused team
  • Ready to take risks
  • Supports healthy work life
  • Ontime assessment and feedback
  • Encourage positive corporate culture
  • Great customer service
  • Affordable price

    We have packages and products that fit in every budget small or big as per the client's requirement.

  • A unique way of working

    Our working style mainly focused on user experience. We put our heart and soul in it.

  • Supports

    We are here for you 24 hours for any query and problem that you are facing.


Our Vision


our vision is to provide online presence without causing any harm to anyone.

In today’s word, everything is online or going to be online. Information must reach to each and every individual. We believe in helping people to achieve this. Irrespective of the size or location of any business, individual, organization (For profit and Non-Profit), we will help them go online.


Company Culture

We believe in working with positive values. Here in Clanstech we support a healthy and productive atmosphere because we require that our employees should enjoy coming to work.

A fun, open, energetic and creative environment can make a large difference in the overall atmosphere of a company. We provide feedbacks time to time with rewards so that our team should get to know that their arduous work is getting acknowledged.

We welcome out of the box ideas and views. In our company communication is the most important element, because communicating about your problems, about new ideas or anything plays a vital role in a successful company-culture. We Provides flexible growth for employees.

Clanstech Culture


Our Mission

Our Mission

Our company's roadmap is mostly built around providing best customer services & products.

Our primary objective is to design leading edge website applications. We serve businesses and individuals along with profit or non-profit organizations. Cleantech’s team uses latest Microsoft technologies to provide distinctive but informative online identity as per the client’s requirements.


Our Values


Embracing Diversity

Engagement and loyalty

Growth and development

Professional growth and Financial growth

Effective communication patterns